Buying an American Humvee

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Re: Buying an American Humvee

Post by Danmcdermott »

I live in British Columbia and would be interested in importing one from the USA.

As I read these posts, what I gather from this is that it can be done as long as a USA resident/Citizen purchase it first and then can be sold to a Canadian from there.

Am I correct in understanding this this?

And can parts be purchased and can the vehicle he made street legal And then insured in British Columbia?



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Re: Buying an American Humvee

Post by Roy »

There is a bit of paperwork to get these across these days, Have to get a broker/or do the brokering paperwork.Then like always, pay pay pay ...
The trucks are purchase as off road use only from states, then ,safety it and get the updating  to get it on the road. The MTO will take 1-2 weeks just to get an ownership as the humvee come with a 10 digit vin and MTO needs 17.
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Re: Buying an American Humvee

Post by Injunfarian »

Be careful, just because you get it in today does not mean they cannot stop you from registering it tomorrow as Quebec folks are finding out:
Although I would love a Military HMMWV to build into a trail rig, definitely something to think about.
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