Hummer H3 HD Upper Control Arm

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Hummer H3 HD Upper Control Arm

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Hey guys,
Just want to share the development of this Heavy Duty Adjustable UCA with serviceable joints for the H3 from Michigan Metal (
<div>From Michigan Metal...</div>
<div> </div>
<div>We make custom parts, so we can really make anything you need, but my initial jigs are as follows.</div>
<div>We will be making them in stock length versions, with OEM specs for people just needing replacement. These will retain stock geometry. Since the stock ball joint is a bastard, and not a typical tapered shaft, we are making these all as Jeebus Joints currently, like we do our nissan titan joints, and ranger joints. the basic set of upper arms will run 399$ flat plate, 499$ tubular. These will be fully serviceable, but the likelihood of needing them serviced ever is low because we build them around a 1" spherical bearing.</div>
<div> </div>
<div>The second option for the jig we are offering is a custom design. We will be offering the uppers in 1-3 degrees of camber correction, so that you can dial in the correct camber with a lift. These arms will be suitable for offroad use, and will run 499$ flat plate, and 599$ tubular. </div>
<div>Once we get a ball joint we can use, and we do not need to make them with the spherical bearing, we will have them priced at around 299$ for the pair complete with new ball joints, and new bushings. this is going to be a while tho, as the ball joint used is simply a pain in the ass to source.</div>
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Re: Hummer H3 HD Upper Control Arm

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Re: Hummer H3 HD Upper Control Arm

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I love love looooove custom stuff,.., many years ago I made a cross steering system for my chev 4x4 ,

And used "greasable" Hime joint instead of the non.

Some say greasable makes it weeker, but I never had an issue and was able to push out any grit grime in the fittings
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