Alaska Off Road Warriors

This is a free for all area to catch anything..a Fun spot..
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Re: Alaska Off Road Warriors

Post by whitehumh2 »

So yes...I am still watching it!

I found it funny how they were all freaked out with the "Massive Boudlers" when that is like the entrance to many of our trails around here!

I also found it funny that a flat tire was considered a major repair! Heck they should see the stuff we have fixed in the bush!

Did anyone notice that their tires were not aired down enough for the rocks? They said they did air them down but I didn't see a single tire bulging as it was going over the rocks...probably explains why they kept sliding off them and into other rocks and why they slashed their sidewalls!

Oh well, it is a great show for; What NOT to do Offroad!
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Re: Alaska Off Road Warriors

Post by Sugarphreak »

Hi Guys,

I changed the name of the post since...while I thought it would have been better, it is what it is!

As well, saying This is my type of show...when they don't promote proper offroad respect and techinques...would not be true!

So I just made a quick edit!


To be honest, when I first heard about it I was excited to see it as well... it sounded like my type of show too, until I watched it, lol
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Re: Alaska Off Road Warriors

Post by peterr991 »

This show is kind of putting the 4x4 community in a bad light... some of those guys are being real idiots on the trail
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Re: Alaska Off Road Warriors

Post by Archngel »

I total agree, no respect what so ever for nature or property. They dont know the meaning of treading lightly. :mad:
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