Hmmwv supplemental armor doors

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Hmmwv supplemental armor doors

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For sale are 4 matching Humvee HMMWV supplemental armor doors. These doors are in great shape and replaced the glass in 3 of the 4 doors with 5/8 polycarbonate. Armor glass always delipatates and replaced it last year with the polycarbonate. The one window I didnt replace is still "ok" but the doors will come with the 4th piece of polycarbonate (replacing it with proper 5/8 supplemental armor glass would run about $2500).
These are real x doors with the proper armor skins. there is 2 pieces of metal skins, 2 different sizes. That's how you can tell they are real and not fake.

$5000 and located just outside Kingston Ontario No trades please.

Email me at for pics

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