Good Carwash Thread (Calgary)

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Re: Good Carwash Thread (Calgary)

Post by njlondon »

For those in the north eastern part of the GTA, the Shell wash on Kennedy south of Highway 7 is good.

It is indoors and nicely warm.

Plenty of bays, never too busy, good soap and water.

Great for H1's seeking a warm place to wash in the winter.

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Re: Good Carwash Thread (Calgary)

Post by s0ulst3al3r »

[quote name='Sugarphreak' timestamp='1289786568' post='22827']

Yeah you are exactly right, but they will even ticket you just for water washing too.


really? wow ..I wash my truck on he driveway all the time too and no problem does that mean no bikini carwashes in cowtown?
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Re: Good Carwash Thread (Calgary)

Post by 03H2 »

I wash mine in the driveway as well in the Hat, wow thats stiff for Calgary never knew that.
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Re: Good Carwash Thread (Calgary)

Post by Pappibri »

Wow.. I hate when the man tells me what I can do on my own property... I love washing my own at home. I can take my time and not worry about rushing for the next one in line... <img src=' ... lleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rolleyes:' />
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