Excess Inventory Additions

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Excess Inventory Additions

Post by doberer »

Just finished unloading one of the trailers and I have 2 more to go. Stopped for the day because of the rain. Alot of discontinued parts that we have the last of them.

Excess Inventory > New Arrivals


The next 2 trailers will have NOS drivetrain parts (alot of halfshafts) and brand new Hummer seat assemblies (92-03). We are working out a relationship for using Purolator carrier for orders that ship direct from our warehouse. I am also finishing up a checkout option on the website that will allow orders to be shipped from AMG direct using your own import broker instead of UPS. As always you can specify to have AMG orders shipped to our office and we can reship USPS.


David and Kris

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Re: Excess Inventory Additions

Post by dwaxman1 »

Thanks Dave for the update... make sure you let us know when you have time on the other gear....
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Re: Excess Inventory Additions

Post by T.C. »

THANKS FOR THE INFO <img src='http://www.canadianhummerclub.com/forum ... ght_on.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':right_on:' />

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Re: Excess Inventory Additions

Post by hameee@hotmail.com »

They have OEM leather seat covers for sale, $75 a seat. They are rear seat covers but the only real difference is the arm rest covers which you can buy later.

This will get you brand new looking seats for only $300 instead of thousands.

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