Don't forget our CHC Sponsors

List of our Great Sponsors
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Don't forget our CHC Sponsors

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Please make sure you are treating our sponsors well, they have dedicated time and money to help bring you this avenue to speak and learn about the trucks we have all come to love. Our sponsors are there to help you get the most enjoyment out of your vehicles and also to help you when you have issues, from parts, to support, to work done directly on your vehicle. If you want to try something new, we have members for custom work and new adventures.

We also have members for things that are not Hummer related but for sure there to help you in your daily life, make sure you check them out, they are here because they want to help you, because they care about our club and want use to enjoy our trucks, our freedom, and our time.

Thanks to all our existing Sponsors!!!

We also look forward to meeting any new potential Sponsors that want to join our family, feel free to contact us!


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