Abroad & Out-of-Country

Here you can subscribe to help other members out when in Need.. this is a owner help owner section
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Abroad & Out-of-Country

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For those in need of assistance OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY provide as many of the following details as possible -

- Location & Distance from nearest Gas station/Town/Hwy etc...

- Vehicle color/year/make/model (and if any pertinent modifications, ie lift, tire type etc)

- Damage/Condition (if any)

- Recovery Points available

- access/distance from solid ground or a highway, etc

- any concerns or info the recovery vehicle should be aware of

- a contact phone number to the vehicle owner/operator

- extent of how stuck the vehicle is (stuck in mud or broke an axle, etc)

- recovery gear on hand (if any), and what may be needed

Be sure most importantly to include a phone number as well if possible.

For those wanting to be notified when a situation arises, members who use email notification in conjunction with a Blackberry/iPhone/Smart Phone/Etc, please make sure to subscribe to this thread ("start watching this thread" button) and select instant email notification in your notification settings, and you will be sent an email as soon as someone posts their situation/need for help. Please make sure that this email is forwarded/sent to the email address used on your smartphone.

As soon as possible after the person has been helped, please post as well, so we know that the situation has been resolved and no longer needs attention.

Please keep this thread free of chatter, spam, as abusing/misusing this thread will be a serious infraction and warning points & bannings will follow.

For anyone with questions about this thread and system, please refer back to this thread for questions/comments.

**All recoveries/rescues/attempts of help are done at the posting user's own risk, and are to be addressed as such. Please ensure safe methods of recovery are being practised.**
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