How To Use This Section, Questions & More

Here you can subscribe to help other members out when in Need.. this is a owner help owner section
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How To Use This Section, Questions & More

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This thread has been created to explain how to use our latest regional "Emergency Room" threads and the idea behind them. Please use this thread to ask any questions, post suggestions, or offer criticisms in this thread should you have any after reading this post.

The recent threads in the Emergency Room have been created should you get stuck, and are in need of extraction, or find yourself or someone you know in a dire (weather, etc) situation where a Hummer may be of use/need, you would use this thread. What you will want to do, should that situation arise is post in the appropriate regional thread, and include as many details as possible.

Basically you'd want to include

- Location

- Vehicle color/year/make/model (and if any pertinent modifications, ie lift, tire type etc)

- Damage/Condition (if any)

- Recovery Points available

- access/distance from solid ground or a highway, etc

- any concerns or info the recovery vehicle should be aware of

- a contact phone number to the vehicle owner/operator **** (VERY IMPORTANT) ****

- extent of how stuck the vehicle is (stuck in mud or broke an axle, etc)

- recovery gear on hand (if any), and what may be needed

The more info the better.

As soon as that post is made, an email is immediately sent out to anyone who has previously chosen to "Watch this topic." Members interested in coming to the rescue or assistance of a fellow CHC'er would need to click the "Watch Topic" of their respective regional thread to ensure they will receive the email notifications.


Those members who would be responding to come help you will post in here stating their intention to come help, and once the vehicle has been recovered the 'call-out' post would be deleted. Basically, on another board where I run this same concept, the ONLY post in this thread the majority of the time is the first post for explanation on how/why to use this type of thread, and how to do so effectively. The regional threads, once put in action, should NEVER be used as a chat thread as an email will be dispatched to all the members who have subscribed to this thread EVERY time a post gets posted in here. Members will have subscribed out of the good of their heart, and desire to help out a fellow member/stranger in need, and this should be respected and not taken advantage of. These Good Samaritans are willing to put a lot of effort and time on the line to help out, and potentially save a fellow offroader from a tow-truck bill ranging anywhere from $100-300 and up, so keep this in mind. This means that you cant just 'go out without recovery gear and throw caution to the wind, cuz my buddies on the CHC will come rescue me, I don't need a backup plan' but rather should be a potential means of recovery and rescue should you get stranded or stuck unexpectedly. Members who abuse this type of thread on the board will be banned for their abuse or taking this safety blanket for granted.

Those in need of help, and those aiding fellow CHC'ers, please be sure to exercise the utmost caution and safety when recovering vehicles, and please ensure that you are responding with the appropriate and adequate vehicle for the recovery situation, with the appropriate recovery gear that the situation calls for. This means not using straps with metal-hooked ends, proper RECOVERY straps, etc. If you are in doubt of how to help/recover a truck properly, please leave it to someone who is familiar or more comfortable with recoveries.

The beauty of this type of setup is that it doesn't require anyone who wants to be called upon/considered for help to post their contact information or other details in a semi-public forum. This way only the member reaching out for help needs to post a contact method (ph number, email, etc) which would be promptly deleted once the matter is resolved.

It also should be clearly noted on the thread, and discussed in person on-site that any potential damage resulting from the extraction/recovery, or the attempts thereof, will be the responsibility of the individual in need of assistance, and the owner-in-need assumes all liability and responsibility for any vehicular or other damage, etc that may arise from an assistance provided. The last thing Id want to see is a good Samaritan getting burned because of a recovery gone bad/gear failure etc.

This network will be accessible for all members, however any non-paid members will need to PM dwaxman1 before they can post or subscribe to these threads. Please do so if you would like to be amongst those notified when a call-for-help goes out. All paid members, staff, admin, need not worry, as they will have automatic access to these threads, and may subscribe or post (when needed) as they wish.

Please post any questions you may have, or suggestions you may have for this concept.
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