Any HUMMER H1 mechanics in Ontario, Canada?

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Any HUMMER H1 mechanics in Ontario, Canada?

Post by Agent35 »

Hi everyone, I am just looking to see if there is any mechanic you would recommend that I could take my Hummer H1 to in the GTA? Most shops are not to familliar with these style trucks and prefer not to work on them. Also if anyone knows of a good body shop to fix some corrosion bubbles!!
Thank you

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Re: Any HUMMER H1 mechanics in Ontario, Canada?

Post by ddgermann »

Best answer: Roy. He does it all on H1s. Ask @Monk.
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Re: Any HUMMER H1 mechanics in Ontario, Canada?

Post by Roy »

There are 2 Hummer techs in Ontario, and 1 , 20 minutes inside Quebec that work on these trucks
Roys /   and ,
Phil's /  Mobile mech.  
Polar Bear / schooled at Hummer Tech
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Re: Any HUMMER H1 mechanics in Ontario, Canada?

Post by Monk »

Its smart to look for a Hummer specific mechanic is a great start.

*other* garages may screw up things worst!

I'm from the Hamilton area and I do the drive to Roy's shop all the time,

Honestly he is got me out of many many sticky situations.

Great prices, great work.

As he says, there is 2 legit mechanics in Ontario.

I'm unfamiliar with the others for work but if Roy Backs them, I'm more than sure they are qualified.

Plus Roy's carry lots of/ many parts on hand.

When I had my accident last year I could not find a quarter panel, and Roy was able to pick one off quickly. Lol, getting harder to find certain parts
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