hummer h1 water in interior

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hummer h1 water in interior

Post by killagrewal »

every time it rains, a large amount of water leaks into my 96 h1 (4 door hardtop pickup) accumulating on the floor. dont know where the water is leaking in from... possibly door seals? is this type of leak common? anyone know where i can buy factory door seals... ?

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Re: hummer h1 water in interior

Post by ddgermann »

Could be door or window seals. Front glass will leak if not properly installed.

Door seals are common for leaks though.

I got all my new OEM door seals from HPG. (Hummer Parts Guy)

Give David a call. Good guy and may know more about your leaks as well.
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Re: hummer h1 water in interior

Post by Roy »

Which side gathers water?
Right side could also be the heater drains.
Possible leaking at the rear cab seal to body--rusts out --common
Possible door(s) full of water coming from window seals
Cheap fix... park it nose down and pull the drain plugs till you find out where it is leaking
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Re: hummer h1 water in interior

Post by Monk »

I always leave my drain plug out..hehe

Another leak spot, where the hood cable goes in the body, the silicone corrodes and then leaks in driver side
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Re: hummer h1 water in interior

Post by GreenMeanie »

On the hmc4 i have always found the tub seal leaks and allows water to run through the el crapo seal and onto the floor.
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