How to add a picture in your new topic or post

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How to add a picture in your new topic or post

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To add a picture in your new topic or post reply follow the steps below,

From PhotoBucket: click on the picture you uploaded to your account, copy the IMG Code (the link that begins with IMG).

Paste it in the post (same place where you type in your reply to some one) then post new topic, and your done, the pic should appear in your post.

There are many other websites out there like Flickr, etc. that can be used to post you pictures, you should make sure your pics are no bigger then 640 x 480, you can use software like MS paint or any other picture editing software to resize your photos, if you use Photobucket they have resizing features on there website, if you run into any problems or have questions post them here and we'll be glad to help you.
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